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72-hour getaway at The Rose Hotel

September 13, 2012

For most of us, three-day weekends are rare so we want to make them special. Fortunately, that’s easy to do when visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and its endless array of world-class activities. And our hotel is well-positioned to take advantage of it all. So with this blog post – and the occasional future post – we offer you an itinerary for your next three-day stay at The Rose Hotel…

Living large on Labor Day

August 28, 2012

Labor Day is the federal holiday set aside to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers. You work hard, and money isn’t easy to come by these days. So we have an idea. Take a break, and get a good deal while you’re doing it. We have a Labor Day special that accomplishes both of those goals for you. Spend three consecutive nights in a Deluxe King room at The Rose Hotel, receive a $50 voucher to a Main Street upscale restaurant, and enjoy a champagne service. You get all this for just $499 plus 8 percent tax. Here are the details and how to take advantage…

15 reasons why people choose to live in hotels

August 23, 2012

Robert DiNero has done it. So have Howard Hughes, Keanu Reeves, James Woods and John Travolta. People of far lesser means have done it as well. Living in a hotel has its advantages – many of them. We associate hotels with some of the best experiences in our lives. They are part of those vacations we take to exotic places, historic cities and beachfront communities. Short of taking extraordinary measures and incurring extraordinary expense, the hotel experience can’t be replicated by home ownership or renting an apartment or condominium. So some of us decide to live an unconventional hotel-based life. Here are 15 reasons why some people choose hotel living…

Some hotel guests like their transportation hot

August 17, 2012

Every year we look forward to the return of Arizona residents Denny and Bonnie Cissell, and the cars they ride in with. The Cissels are here again to attend the Goodguys 26th West Coast Nationals Street Rod Show at the Alameda County (Calif.) Fairgrounds during the Aug. 24-26 weekend.  This is their 24th year at the show, staying at The Rose Hotel the last 10 years. This is no ordinary visit. The Cissells and their friends occupy the entire hotel for the weekend. Let us tell you some more about what brings this power couple to town…

A boutique hotel’s social media report card

August 09, 2012

More than two years ago The Rose Hotel embarked on a campaign that few hotels – particularly boutique hotels – were paying much attention to: A social media strategy. Clearly, social media was exploding at the time, but companies in many lines of business didn’t see the relevance. We did. That’s not to say that we considered our strategy a blue chip business plan. We weren’t even sure how we could accurately measure the success. This much we did know: Social media was more than just marketing to us, it was an extension of our customer service. So we…