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How we’re making your stay more gluten-free

November 15, 2012

The gluten-free diet has become a big deal. You know that gluten can be a major health issue when the Mayo Clinic website weighs in on the subject. It came into sharper focus for us when one of our guests wrote on a comment card, “Would love something that is gluten free at breakfast like a bread or cereal.” The fact is we have gluten-free items at breakfast, such as fresh fruit and cottage cheese. But we definitely took the hint. Here’s how we are responding to our guest’s suggestion…

Eight ways to celebrate Veterans Day

November 07, 2012

Come Nov. 11 we celebrate Veterans Day, the day we have been honoring our war veterans since 1919. This year we pay tribute to our veterans at a time when many of our fighting men and women are still battling to finish the longest war in American history – the one initiated on Oct. 7, 2001 in Afghanistan. In the spirit of this holiday, when we look for ways to express our appreciation for the sacrifices our war veterans have made, we offer you the following suggestions for celebrating this Veterans Day…

Taking the shopping experience to the 120th power

November 02, 2012

Rose Hotel guests never complain about the options available to them for that great national pastime: shopping. There is a multitude of options right outside our front door, as well as at several excellent nearby retail centers for shoppers in hot pursuit of goods and services. And this situation is about to get immensely better with the Nov. 8 grand opening of Paragon Outlets, the Tri-Valley’s largest retail complex yet. Think 120 retailers anchored by the likes of Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and…

Halloween agenda from your favorite haunt

October 28, 2012

The Rose Hotel is a favorite haunt for our many habitual guests. Come the end of this month, and this haunt will take on a new meaning, as in a place of fright and delight for Halloween. There’s a line-up sure to interest fanciers of this most colorful holiday. Then there’s our menu of Halloween drinks served in the hotel lobby bar, such as the Pumpkin Pie Flaming Shot and the French Evil…

Why people love to travel

October 18, 2012

Talk to most people about the greatest moments of their lives and travel to a special place is certain to be high on the list. Who doesn’t relish and talk about their honeymoon many years later? Ditto for the vacations we enjoyed as children. Travel is one of the first things on which many people choose to spend their disposable income. We’re exuberant while heading to our vacation destination, and often wistful when our vacation comes to an end. No doubt about it, humanity writ large loves to travel. But what is it about travel that’s so compelling? Let us count the ways…