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We’ll leave you to your own devices

August 13, 2013

No sooner had we launched our brand spanking new website than we made a grievous discovery. When visiting The Rose Hotel website from smart phones and tablets, such as the iPad, the text and imagery were not displaying properly on mobile devices. The site’s pages had a different (and not so attractive) look than when accessed from a full-scale computer. This was definitely a problem, and one that was only going to grow larger because of the proliferation of mobile devices being used to access the internet. So we struck quickly to address the issue. Here is what we did…

It’s version 3.0 for The Rose Hotel website

June 19, 2013

Three years ago we launched an entirely new website, one with a more elegant design, modern graphics and faster navigation. Now comes version 3.0, offering more imagery of the hotel and less text, in keeping with guests’ changing sensibilities and fast-paced lifestyles. It also includes a more sophisticated and faster-loading mobile site and a re-launched blog. Find out why…

The elephant in the (hotel) room

June 19, 2013

We all read the headlines about an unprecedented resurgence of bedbugs, with some hotels becoming infested by these blood-sucking insects. Fortunately, The Rose Hotel and its guests came away unscathed by the surge in bedbug population because of proactive, systematic procedures the hotel observes. Find out more about what bedbugs are, why they’re proliferating, and The Rose Hotel’s procedures that ensure they never become a problem for our guests…

46 places you must travel to this year

February 04, 2013

Our guests come from around the world and they travel all over the world. With that spirit in mind we offer the following list of must-go must-see places published in the New York Times’ travel section. These are locales that offer food, shopping, culture, skiing, surfing and new adventures of all kinds. The majority of these travel destinations are in Europe, followed by Asia/Pacific and the United States. But the first destination on the list is found in Latin America in the historic city of…

8 tips for sleeping well in hotel rooms

January 19, 2013

Sleeping well in a strange bed is difficult for many of us, even in hotels. That can be a real problem because vacations are supposed to rejuvenate us, and business travel requires restful sleep to be at our deal-making best. We like our own bed and environment. Still, there are things travelers can do to facilitate a good night of slumber. Here are 8 tips for getting a deep and invigorating night of sleep even while traveling to faraway places. It starts with selecting a quality hotel with a premium mattress and sheets with high thread counts. But there’s more…