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Holiday season has returned, and the spirit is moving us

December 18, 2014

All one need do is to walk into The Rose Hotel lobby to find out that we take the holiday season very seriously. The exterior and lobby of the hotel are festooned with decorations of the season. Suffice it to say, we are definitely in the Christmas spirit. The holiday season is a time when our guests are very active, and that means we are too. It’s a time when people celebrate for both religious and secular reason, and look back on the year that was, as well as forward to the year to come with great anticipation — and so do we. As our 13th year of operation comes to a close, we are reminded of … (click on the headline to continue reading)

Come drought or rainfall, The Rose Hotel remains in full bloom

December 09, 2014

One of the geographic advantages The Rose Hotel possesses is that our region provides one of the most pleasant climates on the planet. As so often the case, though, strengths can also become weaknesses, as has been the case for the past three years during which all that sunshine and dry weather we enjoy has caused us to suffer through a fairly horrendous drought. But we are relieved to report that during the past couple of weeks we have finally gotten a consistent downpour of sorely needed rain. This caused some flight delays into San Francisco International and Oakland International airports, but it didn’t keep travelers from reaching their destinations. And it’s important to note that, even during rainy times, our temperatures are warm and our vistas beautiful. So we encourage visitation during almost any weather pattern. What’s more, we have a water conservation program that, thanks to the cooperation of our guests, is making a real difference. Here is what we are doing … (click on the headline to continue reading)

Some help with your holiday travel and shopping

November 17, 2014

One of the big dilemmas of holiday gift giving is figuring out what to buy family members and friends. Some people seem to have everything. Other people don’t seem to be interested in anything. Gift cards that act as cash tend to be impersonal and suggest that we put little thought into the effort. Meanwhile, we are busy making all sorts of plans for the holidays. This is when it might be wise to call in professional help. This is why The Rose Hotel maintains a professional relationship with … (click on the headline to continue reading)

USA Today visits The Rose to see a special dignitary

November 07, 2014

Jim Corbett, USA Today sports writer, entered our lobby earlier this month for a very special appointment. The details of that visit appeared in the Nov. 6 edition of his newspaper. His mission: To meet with, interview and profile NFL coaching, broadcasting and videogame legend John Madden — who also happens to be owner of The Rose Hotel, which Corbett described as “an elegant 38-room gem” owned by Coach Madden his sons Mike and Joe. Considering that no nationally circulated, general interest newspaper writes about travel, tourism and hotels as often and thoroughly as USA Today, we will take a moment to blush. And now we’ll spend the rest of this blog post expressing… (click on the headline to continue reading)

Some tips for staying healthy while traveling

October 29, 2014

The perfect finish to business or vacation travel is to return home in good health. In other words, energized by the experience and free of a cold or flu. That goes for their symptoms as well, such as scratchy eyes, a runny nose or achy joints. Catching an illness while traveling is strongly associated with air travel, which is why many travelers focus on trying to keep their seats and tray tables germ-free. Not a bad idea, but it is perhaps even more important to focus on some practices that keep us healthy whether traveling or carrying out the duties of everyday working life. Those would include … (click on the headline to continue reading)