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Our guests won’t lose any sleep over this topic

May 18, 2015

There is no physical object more central to a hotel then a big, comfortable bed. Anytime we check into a lodging establishment we look forward to our coming together with soft luxurious bedding that quickly sweeps us off into the Land of Nod. This isn’t just a tactile and emotional experience. Scientific research has confirmed that there is nothing more essential to our physical and mental health than a full cycle of reinvigorating sleep. With all of those and other considerations in mind, The Rose Hotel places a great deal of emphasis on the frames, box springs, mattresses, pillow tops, sheets, comforters and, of course, head pillows that we select for our guests. We’ve been rewarded for these choices with a consistent stream of positive feedback from our guests, who have not only complimented our beds and accoutrements, but have also asked also asked about their origins. We won’t consume too much of this space by detailing all of our suppliers, but we can say that our high-grade mattresses are made even more comfortable by … (click on the headline to continue reading)

The best Mother’s Day activities and most popular gifts

April 27, 2015

The importance of power of motherhood and maternal bonds is underscored in some many ways by societies around the world. It was first celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia, and the holiday has since been adopted by other countries and is now celebrated all over the world. Anna Jarvis’s intent for the holiday was for people to honor their mothers by writing a personal hand-written letter expressing love and gratitude for the person who brought them into the world and raised them into adulthood. We have since found many other ways to celebrate the holiday. Here are a host of activities and gift options you might consider for Mother’s Day 2015 … (click on the headline to continue reading)

The other kind of ‘comfort’ we strive to provide to our guests

April 14, 2015

Hotel guests naturally expect — or insist on — the kind of comfort experienced when they check into a property whose rooms are luxurious and immaculately clean, and whose staff provides a very high-level of customer service and courtesy. (On this score, we have been extremely pleased with the many, stellar reviews we have received on travel sites such as TripAdvisor, as well as our in-house Guest Comment Cards we distribute to our clientele.) Then there is the other type of comfort guests experience when they know they are staying at a hotel whose infrastructure and security services are being maintained at the highest standards and kept in perfect operational condition. Think in terms of … (click on the headline to continue reading)

The Boys of Summer are getting ready to play ball again

March 25, 2015

The signs of summer. Temperatures rise. Flowers bloom. Travel plans are made. Major League Baseball teams begin spring training. The Cactus League in Arizona; the Grapefruit League in Florida. Here at The Rose Hotel, our metropolitan area is home to the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants, one of the great sporting and cultural attractions of the area, and one of our recommended pastimes to hotel guests. Right across the San Francisco Bay from the Giants are the Oakland Athletics, a team so talented last season there was talk of a Giants vs. Athletics subway series. Unfortunately, the A’s faltered at playoff time. But the Giants rolled on by winning their third World Series in five seasons, giving the franchise a grand total of eight World Series championships (including their days at the old New York Giants). That ranks the Giants franchise fourth on the all-time list behind only the … (click on the headline to continue reading).

Why the whole world parties on St. Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2015

According to bestselling author Thomas Cahill, the Irish saved civilization. And then they threw a party. (Our words, not Cahill’s.) The Irish understand the value of culture, the value of having a good time, and how to throw a party. When the Irish party, we all party. Case-in-point, St. Patrick’s Day. Every year on March 17 there are hundreds of St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations across the United States alone. That’s not to mention the thousands of Irish pubs that honor the holiday by throwing soirées and serving up Irish beer, whiskey and coffees. Life doesn’t get much greener than this … (click on the headline to continue reading).