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Why take a ‘staycation’ and 4 tips for making it successful

October 17, 2017
Rose Hotel lobby
The Rose Hotel lobby

On its face, the staycation (a vacation spent in one’s own local area) would seem to pale next to the more exotic possibilities afforded by the traditional vacation. But there are significant advantages to staycations. For starters, a staycation can be far less expensive undertaking, taking pressure off sometimes strained household budgets. Second, it can be a great supplement to a person or family’s annual vacations. Third, they can be more relaxing than long-distance travel to another time zone, as the trip to and from our destinations are often the most stressful part of the sojourn. Getting to your destination in less than an hour also gives more time for touring and relaxation, and staying in the same time zone will likely result in better nights of sleep. Fourth, it’s a great opportunity to visit local attractions that you never got around to seeing.

So, assuming you’re sold on a staycation, we have some tips about how to make it successful. Before getting into those suggestions, however, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that some current guests of The Rose Hotel and other Northern California hotels are on a staycation for an unfortunate reason: They evacuated from the raging fires burning north of the Golden Gate Bridge that have destroyed at least 5,700 structures and killed 34 people, as of the time of this writing. Many people saw their homes burned to the ground, their possession incinerated, and some even lost loved ones. Our sympathies go out to them during this difficult time.

Fortunately, firefighters have gained control of some of the fires that have scorched Napa and Sonoma wine regions, and other areas. We trust better times are ahead for them.

Here are those four tips for making a staycation successful.

Treat your weekend or long weekend as if you are staying out of town. Are you the vacationer who likes to relax, or who favors cultural attractions, or wants action and adventure? Build the activities (or non-activities) into your time off so it feels like a genuine vacation.

Treat your hometown like a vacation destination. That means researching your hometown or region anew. Take the time to do some basic research on the area’s top attractions, as well as timely events and exhibitions (such as concerts or art displays) you might find of interest. Keep in mind that, while you might think you know the territory, new attractions and opportunities are continuously being created, and existing attractions are continuously evolving. In the case of the San Francisco-Bay Area, home to The Rose Hotel, is so rich in cultural and entertainment diversion that it would be nearly impossible to keep them all in the forefront of one’s mind.

Don’t be afraid to do nothing. Sometimes a simple change of venue can do wondrous things for a travelers’ state of mind, particularly if that venue is well appointed and located. That has always been two of the strengths of The Rose Hotel, as it’s common areas (such as the lobby bar and reading area) are especially inviting, and its location on Main Street in historic downtown Pleasanton allows for easy strolling to causal and high-end shopping, dining and entertainment.

Spend some money. With a staycation you have probably saved a great deal of money of transportation expenses. Using a portion of those savings to indulge yourself with upgraded lodging accommodations, premium theater tickets or an especially lavish dinner might be in order.

Consider your staycation options. Clearly, we think The Rose Hotel has the kind of assets that make it especially well-suited to staycations.

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