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Why our front desk is the hotel’s nerve center

May 11, 2012

The front desk of a hotel is the first and last stop for guests.

In between arrival and departure, it’s the place guests call or visit when looking for information or extra services.

Front Desk Supervisor Vishakha Bhadra
Front Desk Supervisor Vishakha Bhadra

It’s the hotel’s nerve and traffic center, which is why we give it special attention. A bad or insufficient experience at a hotel’s front desk can sour a traveler’s stay. Conversely, when guests are handled deftly by front-desk personnel it can immensely enhance one’s visit.

We know many of our new guests are in “foreign territory” while staying at The Rose, and it is our front desk’s mission to make them feel at home and to offer the guidance they need to find the dining, shopping and entertainment experiences that meet with their satisfaction.

To that end, we maintain a high ratio of staff-to-guests that allows us to provide more personal service than the large chain hotels. Our front desk staff is uniformed and badged for ease of recognition by guests, and they are on duty 24 hours per day, every day of the year to provide customer service and security to our guests.

Guest services professional Martha Castaneda
Guest services professional Martha Castaneda

Our staff is multilingual, speaking Filipino, Hindi and Spanish, in addition to English. They have previous hotel experience, as well as software and information technology skills, which come in handy for guests who have questions about accessing our recently upgraded and complimentary wi-fi system.

Front desk personnel use a modern Hotel Management System that gives them access to guest data and preferences, room assignments, temperature controls, and wake-up calls. To help guests with the task of keeping their children entertained, there are snacks and activities – including movies and X-Box games – available through the front desk.

It is also equipped with a dedicated computer screen that gives our front-desk staff continuous closed-circuit viewing of the scenes being captured by the property’s security cameras.

Answering guests’ questions is a continuous activity. Among the most frequently asked questions concern:

  • Dining recommendations
  • Nearby clothing shops, shoe stores and pharmacies
  • The availability of wi-fi service
  • The age of The Rose Hotel
  • Whether the hotel is really owned by NFL and broadcasting legend John Madden, and if he lives in the area and visits the hotel. (That answer is a definite “yes”)

Finally, we look to extend our range of front-desk services wherever possible.

For example, personal shopping services are available at our front desk in the form of Wendy Crosetti, who operates out of the Macy’s store in the Stoneridge Mall just minutes from the hotel. (See our previous blog post A personal shopper is the latest perk for Rose Hotel guests.)

Wendy offers a complimentary personal shopping service to our guests, including priority appointments. She is available to assist for occasions ranging from complete wardrobe assistance and jewelry selection to picking out gifts for birthdays, weddings and special occasions of all kinds.

If we’ve left you with any questions about our hotel and services, or you would like to book a room, call our front desk now at (800) 843-9540.