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Our guests won’t lose any sleep over this topic

May 18, 2015

Sleeping woman

There is no physical object more central to a hotel then a big, comfortable bed. Anytime we check into a lodging establishment we look forward to our coming together with soft luxurious bedding that quickly sweeps us off into the Land of Nod.

This isn’t just a tactile and emotional experience. Scientific research has confirmed that there is nothing more essential to our physical and mental health than a full cycle of reinvigorating sleep. With all of those and other considerations in mind, The Rose Hotel places a great deal of emphasis on the frames, box springs, mattresses, pillow tops, sheets, comforters and, of course, head pillows that we select for our guests.

We have been rewarded for these choices with a consistent stream of positive feedback from our guests, who have not only complimented our beds and accoutrements, but have also asked about their origins.

We won’t consume too much of this space by detailing all of our suppliers, but we can say that our high-grade mattresses are made even more comfortable by our Serta Memory Foam three-inch mattress toppers. Also, our sheets and pillow cases, so essential to comfort, are supplied by Pan Im-Ex Pacific, a sheeting specialist based in Portland, Oregon.

Mike Davidson, the company’s founder and president, Pan Im-Ex Pacific, explains that there are three factors that make the satin stripe sheeting we use at The Rose Hotel special.

  1. The yarn the sheeting is made from, which is specially sourced from Asia (though exact source is kept secret for competitive reasons). That special yarn is what gives the sheeting what Davidson describes as its “silky attributes.”
  2. The high-quality equipment used to weave the yarn into sheeting.
  3. A finishing process that gives the sheeting a uniform feel.

Taken as a whole, these factors contribute to durable, quality sheeting that tends not to pill because it has less surface fuzz. That also gives the sheeting its telltale sheen.

“Anything that touches the skin at a hotel creates a memorable experience,” Davidson says.

We agree.

Place a hand-made Do not water the flowers sign on the outside of your door during a stay at The Rose Hotel, and our staff will leave you undisturbed so you can get all the rest your mind and body desires. Believe us when we say that the Sandman is ever-present at The Rose Hotel, and we are committed to making sure your stay is restful and healthful.

We wish you a good night’s sleep.


Written by Mike Consol