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Come drought or rainfall, The Rose Hotel remains in full bloom

December 09, 2014
Rain dog

We have made references on several occasions to the geographic advantages that make The Rose Hotel such an attractive venue to so many travelers. In particular, our location on historic Main Street in downtown Pleasanton California, as well as our proximity to the city of San Francisco, one of the great business and tourist destinations in the world.

But one of the other geographic advantages we possess that is so obvious it has gone without mention in previous blog posts, is that our region provides one of the most pleasant climates on the planet. As so often the case, though, strengths can also become weaknesses, as has been the case for the past three years during which all that sunshine and dry weather we enjoy has caused us to suffer through a fairly horrendous drought. The drought has depleted the region’s precious water supplies to the point where our dwindling groundwater reserves were recently featured on a segment of 60 Minutes. Indeed, 60 Minutes pointed out that water supplies around the world are becoming so depleted that water is being called “the new oil.”

Despite all that, we are relieved to report that during the past couple of weeks we have finally gotten a consistent downpour of sorely needed rain. According to the U.S. Weather Service, more than 4 inches of rain fell between during the past couple of week in several San Francisco Bay Area communities. This caused some flight delays into San Francisco International and Oakland International airports, but it didn’t keep travelers from reaching their destinations. And it’s important to note that, even during rainy times, our temperatures are warm and our vistas beautiful. So we encourage visitation during almost any weather pattern.

The most recent drought has not been our first, nor will it be our last. That is why we are continuing to observe our water conservation program at the hotel. That program consists of:

  • Signs in bathrooms and public areas requesting that our guests use water conservatively
  • Reduced-flow shower heads
  • Re-use of linens with guest’s permission
  • Reduced watering of outside plants

We’re pleased to say that our guests, understanding the preciousness of this resource, have embraced our water conservation program in a big way. With their cooperation and our own reduced water use, The Rose Hotel has reduced its water consumption despite increased occupancy.

The recent rains have helped alleviate but not eliminate our draught problems. For that reason, and our commitment to good citizenship, our water conservation program will remain in effect. But be assured that the program will not diminish in any way the services we offer or your enjoyment of our facility.

Thanks to all of our guests who have cooperated with our program and helped us conserve this most essential resource.

By the way, the sun is shining again in our region, and the hills are green from the nourishing rains. It’s a great time to visit.


Written by Mike Consol