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It’s movie season at The Rose Hotel

February 27, 2015
Grand Budapest Hotel
A scene from The Grand Budapest Hotel

Rose Hotel guests tend to be active people with full schedules during their visits. But like so many other people they often like to finish the night with a good movie. This is why all Rose Hotel guest rooms come equipped with a DVD player and our movie library is stocked with about 150 titles.

It’s movie season, as Golden Globes and Oscars have been handed out to writers, actors, directors, producers and other moviemakers. That always encourages us to take a fresh look at our movie library, and update it with some of the new honored movies. The Rose Hotel movie library consists of both classic and contemporary films. We also look to offer a range of genres so that all of our guests, regardless of tastes, can find something to their liking.

Travel, hotel rooms and movies goes hand-in-hand-in-hand. Like our complimentary wi-fi service, which gives our guests and their digital devices and even broader array of movies to choose from, our film library is free of charge to our guests. And, of course, guests are welcome to bring their own movies to watch on our DVD players.

The magic of motion pictures is one of those technologies that broaden our world and take us to places we cannot otherwise go. Places like the imaginary world of Alice in Wonderland, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or the vast reaches of outer space with movies such as Gravity. For example, 2014’s Oscar and Golden Globe nominees can us into the Iraqi war zone, or were back in time to England during World War II, or into the life of physicist Stephen Hawking, or into the wild and theatrical world of Birdman or The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Isn’t that what travel is all about? To go to new places and have new experiences? We hope that all the things we do can help you play a starring role in your own lives.

See you at the movies!

Written by Mike Consol