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Travel podcasts for home and the road

February 13, 2017
Podcast listener

One of the most powerful tools of the social media movement is the podcast. They have become hugely popular because they allow us to be informed or entertained while doing any number of other things in our lives, such as commuting, exercising or eating. What’s more, there are podcasts for just about any subject you can imagine, including traveling.

There are dozens of podcasts for the traveler. Indeed, travelers will find podcasts especially useful during their travels, particularly on long flights and airport layovers. Fred Perrotta, co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks and a travel enthusiast and writer, notes that most international flights still don’t have wi-fi, so his prescription for passing time includes listening to podcasts, which can be downloaded onto a smartphone free of charge, then listened to without an internet connection.

We turned to Perrotta, Gecko Adventures and the Zero to Travel Podcasts Directory to find some of the podcasts that might interest you. Here is a synopsis:

Extra Pack of Peanuts. On this podcast you will hear travelers, bloggers and entrepreneurs interviewed, and both the interviewer’s and guest’s enthusiasm for travel is infectious.

Global Travel Conspiracy. This is not your typical travel show. Gary Arndt has been traveling non-stop since 2007 and has visited more than 100 countries and all seven continents. Listen to Gary as he shares stories from the road and talks to some of the most interesting people in the world, on a wide array of topics.

The Tropical MBA Podcast. If you want to be a digital nomad, subscribe to this podcast. Through well over 200 episodes, hosts Dan and Ian have documented their journey and shown listeners how to start a location-independent business.

Indie Travel Podcast. For everyone who has ever wanted to learn how to travel full time (and debt free), this is the podcast. Linda and Craig, who host this podcast, have been going strong on the road since 2006, and their show features interviews with experts, plus tips on how to successfully budget your travels.

Amateur Travel. This podcast is all about destinations, making it handy for those trying to determine where to take their next vacation. Chris, the host, started the program in 2005 and he has racked up an archive of more than 300 episodes — each full of useful info on a particular destination.

This Week in Travel. This podcast will keep listeners abreast of industry news and gossip.

Let’s Travel Radio. Technically, Let’s Travel Radio is an internet radio show, but you can download episodes in podcast form too. Its episodes are a potpourri of interviews, travel tips and musings from all four corners around the world.

Walks of a Lifetime. This program covers everything from the world’s best treks to city walking guides.

The Healthy Traveler. A mix of health tips and travel advice for those who don’t want to throw good eating to the wind while traveling.

Galavanting. This is a web travel series with bite-sized five- to 10-minute “webisodes” about the hosts’ adventures.

Travel with Rick Steves. This podcast features hour-long interviews on travel, people and culture, hosted by travel legend Rick Steves. The topics covered range from traveling with kids to driving through Ireland.

The Daily Travel Podcast. The Daily Travel Podcast is a daily podcast that features interviews with world explorers, creative wanderers and travel experts. The show aims to inspire you to get out and seek meaningful experiences by sharing advice on a broad array of topics.

Zero to Travel. This is also an interview program that profiles people living amazing lives. You can hear from Wandering Earl, who has been traveling for 5,000 consecutive days, or from Michael Wigge, who “traded his way up from a partially-eaten apple to a house in Hawaii.”

The Abroaders Podcast. This podcast is all about using travel for personal growth and business. Full of tips on travel hacking, language learning, business and living abroad, this podcast sees travel as an investment in you.

Condé Nast Traveler Travelogue. A weekly conversation about where the magazine’s writers have been and what they have discovered, including the people and places that beckon, and the food and shops and events worth getting on a plane for. Podcast. From the creators of the Frommer’s guidebooks comes an up-to-date and opinionated travel podcast that’s full of useful and inspirational information that will get you on the road in no time.

Go the Travel Podcast. This program takes a narrative journalism approach to podcasting. The episodes contain onsite interviews as its hosts travel around the world, focusing on one area per season to provide an in-depth guide for listeners.

There are many other travel podcasts, but these will be more than adequate to get you started. You might even want to alert us to some podcasts you enjoy and we could share with the rest of our guests. We are always interested in your feedback. Just click here and write to us.