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The staff member who lettered in customer service

September 20, 2012

Regular readers of this space have probably noticed that we are not bashful about sharing the compliments we receive from our guests. There are reasons for this.

Yes, there is the obvious one – to persuade the business and leisure travelers (as well as local residents looking for a luxurious getaway) to become our guests. But there are other reasons that are just as important to us. We are also communicating to our internal audience, our own personnel. By doing this we are reinforcing to our people:

  • That the thing we value most is outstanding customer service
  • That their great work is being recognized and lauded by our customers
  • That we enormously appreciate and want to reward their extraordinary efforts
  • That we think they deserve public recognition
Veronica Villa
Customer service star Veronica Villa: No vacancy? No problem!

It’s with those thoughts in mind that we want to single out a special effort made by one of our many outstanding staff members, and the accolade she received from a grateful customer. Her name is Veronica Villa and she works at The Rose Hotel’s front desk. The following letter from a recent guest and his family tells the story of Veronica’s exceptional service.


My wife Donna and I along with my two daughters checked-in to The Rose Hotel this evening staying until Tuesday, July 24th, 2012.

I would like to say how great Veronica at the front desk is. Very personable and client oriented. She could feel my pain regarding the mistakes made from the 3rd party reservation system I used to book the trip and completely took care of my family by placing us into these wonderful rooms.

The website I used to reserve the room(s) did not send you the correct information. I actually booked two rooms online with the third-party site and the email confirmation reflected that, however, they only sent you the information for one room. Veronica was able to get things worked out and did not make me feel at all as if it was my fault, nor did she bring me into the issue as to how she was going to solve the problem since you were all booked up for the night. She worked the issue and made things happen for us. That is what true client service is all about. Those qualities are not taught in a classroom. That is a product of great leadership and obvious strong interpersonal skills.

My three girls and I are use to hotels as nice as The Rose. I lost my job a year ago and we have all been down and have not had the money to afford what we were accustomed to. I know that sounds materialistic and I know there are millions worse off than us. This will probably be our one and only trip together for awhile, but we couldn’t be happier. The rooms are beautiful, Veronica is very cool, and my wife and daughters (17 and 11) are smiling again for the first time in what seems like an eternity. When they are happy I am happy.

I hope to return the goodwill Veronica Villa and The Rose Hotel bestowed upon my family.


Mark L, Simi Valley, Calif.

You can imagine how proud we are to have customer service professionals like Veronica on staff, and to have guests with the kind of class that Mark displayed by writing this letter.

Some people might call this bragging. We consider it giving credit where credit is due.