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The other kind of ‘comfort’ we strive to provide to our guests

April 14, 2015
The spiral staircase in The Rose Hotel lobby

Hotel guests naturally expect — or insist on — the kind of comfort experienced when they check into a property whose rooms are luxurious and immaculately clean, and whose staff provides a very high-level of customer service and courtesy. (On this score, we have been extremely pleased with the many, stellar reviews we have received on travel sites such as TripAdvisor, as well as our in-house Guest Comment Cards we distribute to our clientele.)

Then there is the other type of comfort guests experience when they know they are staying at a hotel whose infrastructure and security services are being maintained at the highest standards and kept in perfect operational condition. Think in terms of our fire alarm and suppression system, the smoke and heat sensors located throughout the property, the regular visits from city safety inspectors, as well as the covered and lighted parking.

What’s more, the hotel’s front desk is staffed 24/7, the entrances and parking garage are continuously monitored by video cameras and motion detectors. These security features are further enhanced by the fact that anyone accessing guest rooms must pass through the main lobby.

The Pleasanton, California police and fire departments are nearby, though it would be an extremely rare occasion that they are called to the property. Pleasanton is an extraordinarily safe city, and the hotel property is located on historic Main Street in the city’s briskly trafficked downtown.

Indeed, we do our best to provide both the physical and psychological comfort that leave guests relaxed and enjoying an optimal travel experience.

We wish you safe travels.

Written by Mike Consol