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Redefining the modern-day luxury hotel

January 11, 2017
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A recent report titled Redefining luxury for 21st century hotels from JLL Hotels & Hospitality — a financial and professional services firm — went far back in time to make an essential point that we find relevant to The Rose Hotel. The report begins…

“It’s 1930 and you’re checking into one of the finest luxury hotels in the atmospheric Italian city of Venice. You enter through the lobby, a sprawling foyer lit by a pair of crystal chandeliers, and check in at the marble-covered front desk. After receiving your key, you’re greeted by a well-dressed elevator attendant who helps you load your luggage into the lift. A bellman opens the door to a guestroom that’s straight out of a magazine, setting your suitcase near a bed festooned with decorative throw pillows.”

Fifty years ago, these features and amenities gave a hotel “luxury” status, the report says. Later, travelers began to associate luxury with upgraded amenities, such as high-definition TVs and lush spas. But these amenities have become standard and elite travelers are looking for something more.

That “something more,” JLL refers to is less about the furnishings offered by quality hotels and more about relationships, experiences and services that go above and beyond.

“Guests want to feel recognized and appreciated by the hotels they frequent. After check-in, travelers crave unique experiences that cater to their personal preferences. Special services that help guests get the most from their trip ensure repeat visits and even turn a first-time guest into a lifetime customer.”

This conclusion and recognition pleases us to no end, because you, our guests, have identified these as areas where The Rose Hotel has exceled. You have cited these characteristics in the feedback you have offered by filling out our Guest Cards, by writing reviews on TripAdvisor and other travel sites — and, most tellingly, through your repeat stays at The Rose.

It stands as more confirmation that, while we offer luxury accommodations at The Rose, it is human relationships, connection, service and familiarity that are the most essential marks of distinction. Hotel operators can purchase luxury appointments, while a par excellence personnel and customer service has no price tag. It comes by way of commitment and persistence.

Indeed, Geraldine Guichardo, an executive with Hotels Research at JLL quoted in the report, noted: “With the growing number of luxury hotels owned by private equity funds and institutional investors today, hotel owners and operators often weigh the profitability of offering standard luxury amenities with focusing on services that truly build loyalty and promote unforgettable experiences.”

She added: “Relationships are a fundamental aspect of the hospitality industry, especially for frequent travelers. Spending days — and even weeks — on the road away from loved ones is challenging, but checking into a hotel where you’re treated like family can make travel easier.”

We couldn’t agree more.