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NFL Football legend leads battle against juvenile diabetes

November 01, 2011

Frequent Rose Hotel visitor John Madden – football coaching, broadcasting and videogame legend – has taken his competitive spirit from the gridiron to the health-care arena.

His goal is nothing less than to find a cure for juvenile diabetes, a disease that afflicts his grandson Samuel. Coach Madden testified before a congressional committee in 2009 with Samuel at his side to urge lawmakers to increase funding for diabetes research so a cure could be found.

The former Oakland Raiders’ coach has been making his own efforts in this area for several years. In fact, Coach Madden will host this year’s Diabetic Youth Foundation California fundraiser at Goal Line Productions in Pleasanton, Calif. The theme of this year’s event is Madden Sportcenter and will celebrate both professional and amateur athletes living with type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes.

Samuel Madden
Samuel Madden

This year’s gala will be held Saturday evening Nov. 5. For tickets, sponsorship information, and to view this year’s auction items, click here.

Featured guests include professional snowboarder Sean Busby, who will be a Rose Hotel guest during his visit, and racecar driver Charlie Kimball, among others.

Coach Madden, and The Rose Hotel, invite you to join the campaign to find a cure.

Juvenile diabetes is a disorder of the body’s immune system. It is caused by the body’s inability to break down glucose (sugars) and store them properly. When an individual’s system is unable to efficiently process glucose, it will back up in the person’s bloodstream creating multiple health problems.

Type 1 diabetes is called juvenile diabetes because its onset begins in childhood. Children diagnosed with juvenile diabetes are insulin dependent. Insulin is the hormone that enables our body to convert the food we eat into energy which is necessary to function normally. Current medical research has concluded that juvenile diabetes is an auto-immune disorder, as are disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

The warning signs of type 1 diabetes include extreme thirst; frequent urination; drowsiness or lethargy; sugar in urine; sudden vision changes; increased appetite; sudden weight loss; fruity, sweet, or wine-like odor on breath; heavy, labored breathing; stupor; and unconsciousness.

You can learn more at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation website.

We encourage you to join Coach Madden by participating in this year’s California fundraiser on Nov. 5. Get all the information you need by clicking here.