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New security features implemented to protect Rose Hotel guests

January 11, 2012

There is nothing more important to us at The Rose Hotel than making sure our guests privacy, financial information, property and physical safety is secure.

Fortunately, we haven’t had any crime or security problems at the hotel, but that isn’t stopping us from continually ratcheting up our defenses and creating a fortress for our guests.

To that end, we have invested in a battery of new technologies designed to create an environment that offers comprehensive security features. These measures include:

Security Camera
The camera never blinds. One of the battery of security cameras installed
and monitored to ensure our guests are safe

>> An expanded electronic surveillance system that monitors the entire property with additional security cameras.
>> A commercial-grade password-protected wireless communications system. This upgraded technology includes a firewall that prevents those on neighboring networks from accessing The Rose Hotel network and stealing sensitive information.
>> Enhanced credit card protection was assured when the hotel adopted guidelines that made it compliant with the new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a topic we wrote about previously in this space (Our new defense for protecting your credit card data).
>> A newly installed independent communication line for the emergency phones in the Rose Hotel elevator. The new phone equipment will operate even when an electrical blackout cuts off the property’s power supply. Calls are routed to an outside monitoring station.

Allow us to elaborate on each of these points.

Live camera surveillance is used throughout the hotel and the images are recorded for later investigation in the rare event anything suspicious has taken place. What’s more, the hotel’s exterior doors automatically lock by 11p.m., motion alarms protect all entrances, and our front desk is staffed around the clock, seven days a week.

Wi-fi systems are notoriously vulnerable to those who would illegally tap into them to steal everything from passwords and financial information to company secrets. With the widespread use of wireless technologies by our guests, and the potential for misdeeds committed by outsiders, we decided it was imperative to install an industrial-strength system with an impenetrable firewall.

Enhanced credit card protection when the hotel adopted guidelines that made it compliant with the new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a topic we wrote about previously in this space (Our new defense for protecting your credit card data).

Credit and debit card fraud is one of the leading fears among Americans, at one point exceeding concerns about terrorism, computer and health viruses, and personal safety. That was the finding of a research project conducted a couple of years ago by Unisys, the information technology company. Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising in light of news reports of millions of credit card records being stolen in one fell swoop from institutions such as Bank of America and T.J. Maxx. With almost 600 million credit cards in use in the United States, one would imagine the opportunities for fraud are enormous.

That’s why a new worldwide security standard for credit card data has been put into place. Its policies have been implemented at the Rose Hotel to help ensure your credit card information is secure and any notions of security breaches or falling victim to credit card theft can be allayed. We want you to enjoy your stay, worry free.

As mentioned above, the new security policy is called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and they are designed to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud. That is accomplished by putting increased controls around the data we collect. The objective is to limit your data’s exposure and the opportunities that it could be compromised.
Claustrophobia is yet another fear many people face. That’s why – in the unlikely event one of our guests was to become trapped in a malfunctioning elevator – we have taken extra measures to ensure they can successfully call for help on a secure phone line and be set free post haste.

It’s our intent to continue proactively heading off problems before they occur, and making sure your stay at The Rose Hotel is safe and relaxing.