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More travelers finding hotel space via mobile cyberspace

July 11, 2012

Online communication is going global and mobile – and so is the hotel business.

In just four years the number of internet connections is projected to zoom from 10 billion to 19 billion worldwide, according to research conducted by Cisco Systems. That will be more than two internet connections for every man, woman and child on the planet.

Rose Hotel QR Code

Why so many?

Because of the proliferation of mobile devices that often require that working people on the move need separate connections for their work computer, tablet and smart phone. There has been an explosion in mobile internet traffic, and the impact of that trend is being felt right here in the hotel business.

“We are receiving more reservation via mobile devices, some just minutes before they show up at the front desk!” says Tom Walker, sales manager of The Rose Hotel.

We are pleased to say that we had the foresight to redesign, upgrade and optimize our website about three years ago. Shortly after that it became apparent that the smart-phone revolution required yet another step – the creation of a mobile website, one that is more easily read and navigated on smart-phones’ small screens. We later added a Quick Response code (or QR code for short) to our online repertoire.

“There has been an increase in visits to our mobile website since the introduction of our Quick Response code,” Walker says.

The Quick Response code, whose digital image is pictured with this article, appears on the hotel’s printed materials, such as key holders, business cards, presentation folders and the like. Millions of people who own smart phones – such as the Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry – and have downloaded Quick Response code applications can scan the code and be taken directly to our mobile website. From there guests can get information or make reservations.

This is easier and faster than having to do a conventional search or typing of URL addresses.

All of the aforementioned technologies are only going to become more important because the universe of technologically equipped travelers is growing fast. Take the stupendous growth in the number of internet connections mentioned at the top of this blog post. The countries that will see the greatest rate of internet traffic growth are India, Brazil and South Africa – all of which have rapidly expanding middle classes that have begun traveling the globe.

The Rose Hotel has already begun hosting some of these emerging classes, and we look forward to hosting many more of them – one internet connection at a time.