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It’s version 3.0 for The Rose Hotel website

June 19, 2013

In the hotel business we have what are called soft renovations and hard renovations. A soft renovation involves replacing and upgrading the soft materials, such as drapes, carpets and bedding. A hard renovation involves replacing or upgrading a hotel’s hard surfaces, such as bathroom fixtures, doors, walls, molding and the like – even to the extent of reconfiguring rooms and rethinking their features.

In sticking with that industry parlance, one might say The Rose Hotel website has just undergone a soft renovation, coming pretty close to the heels of the hard renovation christened back in June 2010. Three years ago we launched an entirely new website, one with a more elegant design, modern graphics, faster navigation and search-engine optimized so The Rose Hotel could be more easily found on Google and other search engines. Now comes Rose Hotel website version 3.0, a soft but significant renovation of the 2010 2.0 version.

Version 3.0 offers more imagery of the hotel and less text, in keeping with guests’ changing sensibilities and fast-paced lifestyles. Those fast-paced lifestyles include the widespread use of mobile devices, such as smart phones, to access hotel information and make reservations. With that in mind, the redesigned site is more mobile-friendly, sensing if it’s being accessed by a mobile device and, if so, automatically taking visitors to the mobile version, one that is more easily read and navigated on smart-phones’ small screens. While version 2.0 was somewhat mobile friendly, users had to manually select the mobile site.

This iteration of the site incorporates an upgraded Customer Reservation System, which automatically sends a reservation confirmation to guests. It also offers the ability to book special deals such as the Romance Package, Night on the Town, Play and Stay, and SOSO (Support Our Significant Others).

Overall, version 3.0 is a “cleaner, simpler, more functional design,” in the words of designer Charles Croley of, who spearheaded both redesigns along with business partner Mark Kinney. “It’s more streamlined, more lightweight and user-friendly,” says Croley. “And it loads faster – especially the mobile site.”

Version 3.0 also includes the re-launch of Rosebuds, The Rose Hotel blog, which you’re reading right now. Rosebuds is a communication channel between the hotel and our guests. It’s also the centerpiece of our social media campaign, which includes pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media sites. Rosebuds is our way of staying more closely connected to you and keeping our guests better informed about The Rose Hotel and its surrounding community.

Subscribe and stay tuned. Visit our website and hotel often. We are looking forward to many more years of serving your business and leisure travel needs.