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It’s “iPhone Known” for “Parts Unknown” star Anthony Bourdain

September 23, 2016
Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain, star of the TV show Parts Unknown

Ask people who has the most interesting job in the world and there is one name that is sure to come up — and probably with significant regularity. That would be Anthony Bourdain, the star of the CNN program Parts Unknown. The program is a travelogue, of sorts.

What could beat traveling the world, learning about new cultures and eating and drinking all manner of exotic food and beverage? And his hosts roll out the red carpet for him in anticipation of being featured on his popular program.

Think about it: There is nothing that makes a person worldlier than traveling and immersing oneself in local culture. All of this has made Anthony Bourdain one of the world’s interesting people. And in this modern age, one of the most valuable portals into a person’s life is their smartphone.

Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to come up with the idea of asking Anthony Bourdain to share with its readers some of the contents of his phone. Bourdain assented to the idea, and here is some of what WSJ Magazine found on his iPhone.

Number of unread emails: 23,527

Favorite podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience

Most essential apps while traveling: Flight Tracker, Google Maps, iTunes, Netflix, Uber

Cities listed in weather app and world clock app: New York; Chengdu, China; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Hanoi, Vietnam; Nashville, Tennessee; Charleston, South Carolina; San Francisco; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Beirut; Hue, Vietnam; Rome

Person you FaceTime most often: My daughter

Craziest place you ever left your phone: A karaoke club in Seoul, South Korea

Alarm settings: Always early — 6 a.m., wherever I am

Being in the travel business, we at The Rose Hotel get quite enthused about people such as Anthony Bourdain. We consider ourselves blessed to have an endless procession of exceptionally worldly and interesting people as our guests on a daily and nightly basis.

We cannot all be Anthony Bourdain, but the TV star, podcaster and author certainly shows us what’s possible.

To read the complete contents of the WSJ Magazine article, click here.