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Hotel guest profile: Artist Sally Painter

October 12, 2011

It would be too easy a rhetorical grab to say that Sally Painter is an artist who lives up to her name. But what the heck, we said it now, and the statement is certainly true, as you can see with your own eyes by taking a peek at her online gallery.

Artist Sally Painter

And the timing is ideal for putting a spotlight on Ms. Painter because she and her husband Robert are currently “in the house” as the saying goes. Indeed, Sally Painter is one of many of The Rose Hotel’s talented and esteemed guests who make repeated visits to our property.

We couldn’t be more honored. So with this week’s blog posting we, in turn, honor Sally Painter and the critically acclaimed oil and acrylic paintings she applies to canvas.

Before we delve into a deeper exploration of Sally Painter the artist, it also bears mentioning that Sally and Robert Painter also own and operate the Western Star Nurseries in Sunol and Galt, Calif. The Sunol nursery is just 15 minutes from The Rose Hotel.

A bi-coastal couple, Sally and Robert make their home in Delray Beach, FL, where Robert can often be found playing polo while Sally is working on her next canvas.

Pink Flower

Given their bi-coastal lifestyle it seems appropriate that Sally’s most recent public exhibit was titled Art at the Airport and is showed at Palm Beach International Airport.

During that showing earlier this year an official from New York’s highly regarded Agora Gallery took notice of the collection and its voluptuous use of color. The official subsequently contacted Painter and arranged for an exhibition at the Agora Gallery. That showing is scheduled to run May-June 2012 and will feature a collection of Painter’s floral images.

That spring exhibition in the Big Apple is yet more validation of the gravitation pull of Sally Painter’s artistic expression. The formidable Agora Gallery is located in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea art galleries district. It is a contemporary gallery established in 1984, and is dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists, providing original fine art to established and emerging collectors.

Day Dream

The inspiration and subject matter of for Sally Painter’s artwork dates back to her childhood. She grew up on a farm and found herself “fascinated by God’s creations.”

“I appreciate the color and detail of each species,” Painter says. “Each is unique, each a surprise. The leathery green of a magnolia leaf, peachy butterfly petals of a hibiscus flower, the new blue fluff of a bird in winter … all take me back to my childhood on the farm.”

Painter uses vibrant, powerful colors to illuminate and give alternative perspectives to the things she observes in nature. Her objective is to appeal to the viewer’s curiosity, pulling the viewer into a deeper examination of the images so they can more fully understand their message and, in some cases, the humor contained within.

“When a subject ‘speaks’ to me, it stays in my head until I can translate it on to canvas,” Painter says. “I dream about it, wrestle with it, and then finally, as I paint, the brush moves on its own. There is little thought, much like a dance where the music moves you.”

We encourage you to learn more about Sally Painter and view her website and online gallery. You are also invited to contact the artist directly with any inquiries at