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Hey, bartender! Somebody just bought me a drink!

September 10, 2013
Rose Hotel bartender
Rose Hotel bartender Esaul Navarro-Escoto

Some things are universal and timeless, like the need to socialize with our fellow human beings. And adult beverages have long served as the social lubricant that helps facilitate and exhilarate the experience.

As some have said, everybody needs a good doctor, a good banker, and a good bartender.

Enter Esaul Navarro-Escoto and The Rose Hotel. The former is a bartender of good standing and mixology skills. The latter is the purveyor of newly issued Bar Gift Certificates.

Looking for a perk or gift for a friend, business associate or special out-of-town guest? Consider a Bar Gift Certificate redeemable for cocktails in our lobby bar.  Available in any denomination, they are available from a Front Desk Associate.

Gift certificate recipients can avail themselves of Mr. Navarro-Escoto advanced skills. His specialties include Don Julio margaritas and premium cosmopolitans, though wine is most often ordered — Chardonnay being the most popular white and Cabernet Sauvignon the most popular red.

That said, Mr. Navarro-Escoto is happy to accommodate the varied tastes of Rose Hotel guests and visitors, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic libations, beers and wines. It wouldn’t be a stretch to refer to him as a mixologist, a term that has come into vogue in recent years, mixology being another term for mixing drinks, and mixologist another term for a bartender.

Mixology is generally accepted as a slang term for a refined and in-depth study of the art and craft of mixing. The term dates back to 1948, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which defines the term as “the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks.”

Not to complicate matters. Whether you and your friends and associates call our man at the lobby bar a bartender, a mixologist or chemist, we assure that you will be treated well and will find the premium wines and beers and artfully blended libations to your liking.

Order your Bar Gift Certificates now by calling 925-846-8802.