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May we suggest some of the rides of your life?

September 16, 2014
Biking the Golden Gate
Biking the Golden Gate

We have learned a great deal about our guests over the years. One of those lessons is that — while our people enjoy the luxury, comfort, relaxation and culture provided by The Rose Hotel — they also appreciate physically active vacations and weekend getaways.

The San Francisco Bay Area offers an endless array of these opportunities, not the least of which is hundreds of miles of bike lanes, paths and tours through some of the most pristine lands and exciting urban environments in the world. From cycling wine tours in the North Bay and visually intense city rides through San Francisco, to the open roads of the San Francisco Peninsula and the endless bicycling trails maintained by the East Bay Regional Park District, the Bay Area is a bicyclist’s paradise.

With the cooler temperatures of fall moving in, the season is optimal for two-wheeling the San Francisco Bay Area. With that in mind, we offer you a few of the many options available to you. While a simple Google search for “biking tours San Francisco Bay Area” will yield many more results than contained in this article, here are a few choice options to get you started.

Closest to the hotel, biking enthusiasts will find the East Bay Regional Park District has everything from paved, flat paths passing by schools, shopping centers, parks and other recreation areas, to challenging, remote backcountry trails for more advanced mountain bikers. The park district maintains good working relationships with the Bicycle Trails Council East Bay and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. The district’s volunteer trail safety patrol has a bicycle division that promotes safe and responsible riding. More information can be had by calling (510) 544-2566 or by visiting this website.

For bike tours through Napa and Sonoma counties, including visits to some of the country’s finest wineries, Backroads is one of several options. These multi-day tours include forests of soaring redwoods, as well as quiet, pastoral landscapes. Wine tasting is accompanied by gourmet meals and visits to spas to relax and rejuvenate.

The City of San Francisco is one of the most picturesque urban environments anywhere, and can be especially appreciated from the seat of a bicycle. For a list of five of the best bike routes in San Francisco — including the breathtaking ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito — check out this website.

Looking for some rolling hills, forests and ocean views? Check out the Peninsula Cycle Club. The 50-mile stretch between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley is filled with some of the most majestic vistas nature has to offer.

We hope this article has given you a start. We also hope that when you have completed your two-wheeled touring you will return to the lap of luxury that is The Rose Hotel.

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Written by Mike Consol