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Capt. Kirk and crew bring their enterprise to The Rose Hotel

May 15, 2012

The crew from the starship Enterprise came to town last week and took over the hotel, occupying 29 of the property’s 34 guest rooms.

Chris Pine, the new Capt. Kirk
Chris Pine, the new Capt. Kirk

That’s right, yet another Star Trek movie is in the works. Cast and crew members including director J.J. Abrams and producer Bryan Burk were in town to shoot some scenes for the movie. Staying at the hotel under alias were the upcoming film’s stars, Chris Pine (playing Capt. James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (as Dr. Spock) and Simon Pegg (as Scotty).

Abrams is reportedly making another Silver Screen adaptation of Star Trek, the sci-fi franchise that has spawned six TV series, 11 feature films, dozens of games, hundreds of novels, numerous toy lines, and even a themed attraction in Las Vegas (which has since closed). It has also filled the language with many pop culture references. Need I say, “Beam me up, Scotty”?

Star Trek devotees, called Trekkies, have turned the concept into a cult phenomenon.

While Rose Hotel staff maintained the privacy and anonymity of this special group, there were celebrity sightings at Peet’s Coffee, Dean’s Café, the Apple store at Stoneridge Mall, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where some of the movie’s futuristic-looking scenes were shot, probably at the National Ignition Facility, the lab’s high-intensity laser center.

Zachary Quinto will play Dr. Spock

According to a story that appeared in the Oakland Tribune, actor Zachary Quinto was seen at the lab with his eyebrows shaved off for his role as Dr. Spock.  (The things actors will do to become Vulcans.)

In addition to the producer, director and the film’s star actors, other hotel guest included the movie’s:

>> Production supervisor
>> Executive producer
>> Costume designer
>> President of production
>> Production controller
>> Producer/writer

As for our hotel staff members, they mostly managed not to become star-struck. Most importantly, they maintained our usual level of customer service, and our brush with Hollywood appears to have been a big hit.

We hope the voyages of the starship Enterprise will one day return to The Rose Hotel, perhaps for the movie’s 2013 premiere.