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Some guided tours to add to your next visit to our hotel

August 24, 2015
Historic Main Street in downtown Pleasanton, California
Historic Main Street in downtown Pleasanton, California

Just a couple of blocks from the front door of The Rose Hotel is the local cultural treasure that is the Museum on Main. This organization and facility is dedicated to linking the past to the future by preserving, clarifying and disseminating information about history specific to the Tri-Valley region. It also encourages participation in the arts and humanities through its public programs.

As part of that mission, the Museum on Main offers guided adult walking tours we recommend to our guests. They are close by, inexpensive, informative, and they can be exhilarating, such as the Ghost Tour we have written about in this space before.

In addition to the Ghost Tour (also known as Haunted Pleasanton), the Museum on Main offers a variety of guided public one- to two-hour walking tours on various subjects. Here is a list a list of current tours. Keep in mind that all of the tours can be modified to the needs of your group.

Downtown Walking Tour: This is an opportunity to take in the sights of historic and picturesque Main Street in downtown Pleasanton, Calif. Tour guides stop and talk about the significance of the buildings around town, the people who built them, and the historical stories surrounding them. The tour includes stops at historically relevant sites such as Gay 90’s Pizza, The Railroad Station, Kottinger’s Barn, and the Pleasanton gateway.

Museum Gallery Tour: This tour is a detailed exploration of the objects and history of the Amador-Livermore Valley, as well as the building that houses the Museum on Main. The Local History Gallery is the ideal spot to get an overview of local history by investigating the region from pre-historic times to the present day. Tour guides will talk about native populations, including Spanish missionaries, Mexican settlers, and early settlers, all of whom called the Tri-Valley region home.

Bootleggers Bust Tour: This walk through the past features stories of the pre-prohibition and prohibition era saloons, bootlegging and police activity between the 1920s and 30s, and related stories from the town’s wild past.

Pioneer Cemetery Tour: At Pioneer Cemetery, you will visit the final resting places of many of the region’s pioneer families, such as the Bernals, Sunols, Castersons, Oxens, and Schweens. All of them played a significant role in the establishment of the pleasant Tri-Valley communities we have today.

Museum Behind the Scenes: Go behind the scenes to learn about the jobs of the Museum on Main’s staff members. What is the role of a curator? What is an archivist? What is kept in the “collections room”? And how does the museum produce exhibitions and educational programs? During this tour you will come away with a better understanding of the work and dedication involved in preserving and disseminating the history and culture of a community.

To learn more or to book a tour, simply click here.

Written by Mike Consol