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A look back at our New Year’s resolutions

December 28, 2012

It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Day is upon us. As we said last year, this is a time of deeper contemplation, a time when we take stock in our lives, and a time when many of us make resolutions.

Man eating a salad
Eating a healthier diet is one of people’s most popular New Year’s resolutions

We went public with ours last year in this very space. So now it’s time to look back and see how we fared. So here we go.

Resolution: Hire a contractor to manage exterior shrubbery and interior plants.

Outcome: Done. Our plants are looking better.

Resolution: Send two of our staff members to language skills school.

Outcome: We get half-credit for this resolution, as we sent one of our employees, Anna, to language school and beefed up her communication skills.

Resolution: Install an upgraded wi-fi system.

Outcome: We came through big-time on this one by installing a commercial grade wi-fi system with broader coverage of the property, a more powerful signal, faster speed and a more advanced firewall for greater security. The expanded bandwidth of our new system allows the use of multiple laptops simultaneously in the hotel boardroom without reducing speed.

Resolution: Install a digital phone system.

Outcome: Our new digital phone system is operational and has resulted in improved sound clarity, reliability and security.

Resolution: Offer gift certificates for our lobby bar.

Outcome: This is a work in progress. Certificates are at the printer.

And then there were the New Year’s resolutions made by our staff members.

Resolution: Susan resolved to join a health club and “get into shape.”

Outcome: She did join a health club but along the way Susan took a different job closer to home and we lost track of her progress.

Resolution: Jasmin resolved to attend classes to improve her English skills.

Outcome: Though she has yet to get started, Jasmin still plans to attend an English class.

Resolution: Luz set a goal of following a special diet to reduce her glucose level.

Outcome: The diet is being adhered to by Luz, though, as with all diets, it is a work in progress. She has also started exercising more.

Resolution: Tom determined to find a way to slow the passage of time.

Outcome: Tom admitted failure after he noticed that time moved even faster during 2012, but he is still working on the problem.

Resolution: Grace resolved to overcome her chocolate cravings.

Outcome: Perhaps an impossible task for any human being. Grace won’t disclose whether her cravings persist.

Resolution: Melinda said she would pass her CPA exam.

Outcome: Unknown. Before it was time to take her exam Melinda left the company to become a field auditor.

All in all, we think it was a successful year for us as individuals and collectively as a company.

As we reported last year, researchers say about 100 million Americans start the New Year with one or more resolutions. The most popular resolutions are:

  • Get more exercise
  • Be more conscientious about work or school
  • Eat healthier
  • Stop smoking or drinking

Among the leading tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions are:

  • Choose realistic goals
  • Make a plan for achieving your goals
  • Talk about your resolutions with friends and family
  • Track your progress
  • Reward yourself for making progress

If you would like to share your New Year’s resolutions with us just fill in the Comments field at the bottom of this page.

A happy and prosperous New Year’s to all of you from the staff of The Rose Hotel.