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A dozen of Thanksgiving Day’s most popular side dishes

November 20, 2016
Thanksgiving dinner

Turkey rules the roost on Thanksgiving Day, no question about that, even if many gourmands also like a baked ham as an option. But, the protein aside, it is the plethora of Thanksgiving dinner side dishes that are the wild cards and take this holiday’s dinners from good to great.

With this favorite of holidays looming, The Daily Meal (a website that fancies itself an authority on “all things food and drink”) came up with the clever idea of reviewing Google searches for the dozen most common Thanksgiving accoutrements during a 30-day period to see what dishes people are scrambling to learn more about and, presumably, to find recipes for this Thanksgiving season. Below is The Daily Meal top-12 ranking in reverse order. (And don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom of this post to read The Daily Meal’s full report, which includes links to recipes for some of the dishes mentioned).

12. Glazed Carrots might not be a standard on every table, and their last-place ranking reflects that. Though this vegetable adds a lovely sweetness and bright color to any plate.

11. Candied Yams is a sugary addition to any plate.

10. Creamed Spinach is versatile and can go with any sort of protein, including the Thanksgiving Day turkey.

9. Creamed Corn,unlike its close cousin, corn pudding, has become a Thanksgiving staple. Its sweetness and creamy texture make it an easy sell for kids who don’t like to eat their vegetables.

8. Sweet Potato Casserole emerged from the South to become a bona fide Thanksgiving classic, thanks to its perfectly seasonal blend of sweet potatoes, brown sugar and pecans. How can you say no thank you to a dish that has marshmallows in it!

7. Green Bean Casserole is one of those dishes you cannot go wrong with, whether you go with the old school canned version of green bean casserole or decide to class this dish up with an all-fresh.

6. Brussels Sprouts is a divisive vegetable that elicits groans and complaints from the youngsters, but when perfectly roasted and doctored up with bacon and some maple syrup, these mini cabbages go from “I’ll pass” to “pass them here.”

5. Cranberry Sauce wholly embodies the late fall season. With its stunning deep red color and its perfect tartness, cranberry sauce is necessary to round out any Thanksgiving plate.

4. Rolls is simple yet so integral for Thanksgiving. What other dish will be able to soak up gravy that has spilled over? What other dish will serve as a perfect palate cleanser between the macaroni and cheese and the turkey? None but the roll.

3. Macaroni and Cheese might not be a classic Thanksgiving side dish, but for kids and people who don’t like fall foods, it’s an absolute must. Few things are more comforting than a hearty homemade mac and cheese.

2. Stuffing is a quintessential cold weather food, and while it doesn’t get much play outside of the holiday season, it really should. Hearty seasonings such as sage and extra butter help to give stale bread a new life and pack in endless flavor with every bite, giving turkey a boost.

1. Mashed potatoes are far and away the most popular Thanksgiving side dish, and there’s good reason for it. While this dish is a staple side for many families throughout the year, the role it plays on Thanksgiving (holding gravy, balancing out a bite with turkey and cranberry sauce) make it a favorite that nobody can turn down.

You must be hungry by now, and hopefully bustling with ideas for you Thanksgiving repast. We won’t hold you up but, as promised, will give you an assist by directing you to The Daily Meal’s full story, including its links to some choice recipes for the above dishes. Just click here.

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration.