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A boutique hotel’s social media report card

August 09, 2012

More than two years ago The Rose Hotel embarked on a campaign that few hotels – particularly boutique hotels – were paying much attention to: A social media strategy.

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Clearly, social media was exploding at the time, but companies in many lines of business didn’t see the relevance. We did.

That’s not to say that we considered our strategy a blue chip business plan. We weren’t even sure how we could accurately measure the success. This much we did know: Social media was more than just marketing to us, it was an extension of our customer service. So we…

  • Redesigned and optimized our website
  • Created a mobile website to accommodate the large percentage of our customers who access us online via smart phone
  • Added a What Our Guests Are Saying page to make it easier for our customers to comment on their experiences, and to share those experiences with others
  • Adopted a Quick Response code so people could access our online presence more quickly and conveniently. (Learn more about our QR code at this blog post)
  • Launched this blog to keep our guests and other visitors better informed
  • Created and started populating LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Posterous, Yammer and other social media accounts

The results have been good. More than 1,700 connections on LinkedIn; almost 400 Twitter followers, and more than 250 “likes” on Facebook. The subscription list for this blog numbers in excess of 1,500 people.

But those numbers are not an end in themselves. More important than the raw numbers is the heightened amount of communication with our guests. They’re better informed about us, and we’re better informed about them. That augments our ability to deliver the services they want and need.

There’s also the increased website traffic. Combine all these factors and they add up to more guests, higher occupancy, rising sales. Business has never been better, and we attribute a good deal of that to our social media campaign.

We give it a passing grade, to say the least. It seemed a questionable expenditure of resources at the time. But as both our business and leisure guests became more technologically advanced, we realized that without these additional services we would have fallen short of doing business with them on their terms.

If you’re not already connected to our social media network, we invite you to join us. The links are on this page, right at your fingertips.