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Travel and its benefits to mental health

September 25, 2014
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One of the most popular books in recent memory is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. So popular, in fact, it was made into a major motion picture starring none other than Julia Roberts. It’s the story of a woman whose marriage falls apart and whose emotional well-being runs aground.

The antidote to her situation? Travel.

While Eat, Pray, Love is an original story, it is built on a theme that is widely understood — the need to get away during the inevitable trials and tribulations of life, and the ability of travel to shore-up our flagging emotions. Literary and cinematic history are filled with books and movies featuring protagonists who step out of their stalling lives by traveling to new climes.

Despite all that, the bracing effect a well-planned vacation can have on our state of mind is one of the most underrated benefits of travel.

According to mental health experts, visiting new venues serves as a reprieve for the mind. It breaks habitual patterns and interrupts our assumptions. A psychologist at Loyola University Medical Center points out that, in addition to being restful, travel can be intellectually stimulating. Time spent with family and friends can strengthen bonds with friends and family members. It is also an occasion to experience new food, music and culture.

Regardless of how much we enjoy our home life and careers, we inevitably become bored and stagnant in our routines from time to time. Travel offers a break in the routine and a chance to recharge. This is part of the magic that occurs when putting some distance between ourselves and our everyday world.

One travel industry observer points out that writers have long been aware of this phenomenon, changing their geography to stimulate creativity or overcome writer’s block, (perhaps explaining why so many books and movie have been written about that — and related — themes).

We have had the privilege of personally witnessing the healthful effects of travel on our very own guests. It is one of the reasons we are passionate about our business.

Written by Mike Consol