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8 tips for sleeping well in hotel rooms

January 19, 2013
Sleepy Time

Sleeping well in a strange bed is difficult for many of us, even in hotels. That can be a real problem because vacations are supposed to rejuvenate us, and business travel requires restful sleep to be at our deal-making best.

We like our own bed and environment. Still, there are things travelers can do to facilitate a good night of slumber. Here are 8 tips for getting a deep and invigorating night of sleep even while traveling to faraway places.

  1. Select a quality hotel. Quality hotels are outfitted with quality mattresses and sheets with high thread counts. A warm, comfortable bed is the first order of business.
  2. Consider your hotel’s location. Many hotels are situated next to airports, along freeways or on major thoroughfares. High-traffic venues often mean lots of ambient noise, and that can be disruptive, especially for light sleepers.
  3. Request a quiet room while checking in at the front desk. That usually means a room far away from dinging elevators, stairwells and vending rooms with loud ice machines. You might also want to request a room that doesn’t face the pool or other high-activity areas.
  4. Ask housekeeping to arrange the bed in a manner you’re accustomed to. Perhaps you want more or fewer pillows, or an extra blanket or two.
  5. No hotel can eliminate all noise, so using your smartphone as a tool for generating so-called white nose. One traveler who wrote on this subject says he uses an app called Sleepytime on his Android-powered mobile phone, though an iPhone version is also available. Sleepy Time offers almost 100 different sounds or noises ranging from babbling brooks to washing machines.
  6. Pack ear plugs. For some of us the best option is to block out the noise.
  7. Draw the blackout drapes or shades and pack eye shades designed for sleep, especially if you’re sensitive to light.
  8. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign outside your door before retiring so housekeeping does not rouse you before you’re ready to start the day.

A good night’s sleep boosts our immune system, improves memory and mood, and assists in helping us get the most out of life. Don’t skimp on the rest you need. With a little planning sleep can come quickly and go undisturbed throughout the night – even when you’re not lying in your own bed.