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The military returns a salute to The Rose Hotel

August 25, 2014

During the life of the Rosebuds blog we hope the posts we have published made it abundantly clear that the values embraced and espoused by The Rose Hotel and its management include American patriotism in various forms — including support for our troops. U.S. troops have been called upon, in some ways, like never before. Consider that the conflict in Iraq was the longest war in U.S. history. So we have shown our appreciation for their enormous efforts, and were very pleased that the military showed its appreciation in return. Specifically, the Madden family (owners of hotel) and The Rose Hotel staff were recognized earlier this month for … (click on the headline to continue reading)

Enjoy some Flights of Fancy without ever leaving the ground

August 09, 2014

Our guests enjoy the finer things in life. This much we know. The Rose Hotel is designed to accommodate such inclinations. That is why we have launched our new Flights of Fancy program, which gives you the opportunity to play the role of sommelier for your party. While flights are normally thought of as 3 different varietals, a guest may choose any quantity that suits the occasion from the following collection of fine California wines … (click on the headline to continue reading)

Six travel trends that are reshaping tourism

July 21, 2014

Human beings thirst for adventure is beyond dispute. Whether venturing to see what is over the next hill in primordial times, or globetrotting at near supersonic speeds today, we have an irrepressible desire to traverse, understand and enjoy our planet. Implicit in that statement is how substantially travel and adventure has changed during the millennia. And it continues to grow and change, driven as it is by the forces of technology, demographics and the stunning rise in global wealth in from Asia to South America. One of the media organizations tracking the tourism industry’s explosion and evolution is Travel Market Report, which recently published an article titled Six Travel Trends to Watch in 2014 and Beyond, based on research conducted by Resonance Consultancy, an organization that monitors consumer and travel trends, among other services. Consider this post a capsule summary of that story and report. Those travel trends worthy of your attention are … (click on the headline to continue reading)

By land, sea and (especially) by air

July 11, 2014

For most people travel is about getting to their destination. That’s when the fun begins. Yes there are road trips, and they are wonderful. Yes there is train travel, and it is romantic and historical. And, of course, there are cruises, and there is something therapeutic about vast, open expanses of water. But for hundreds of millions of people every year the transportation of choice — and often the only practical mode of transportation — is an airliner. The jet age has brought us transcontinental travel in a single day. It has also compiled an astounding safety record. Still, the airline industry is not without its frustrations for travelers. That is a situation not lost on … (click on the headline to continue reading)

The county fair brings an American classic to town

June 16, 2014

One of the most iconic slices of Americana is the annual county fair. It happens in cities and counties across the United States and attracts millions of people interested in everything from food, entertainment and gamesmanship, to thrill rides, farm animals and agriculture. Among the nation’s finest is the Alameda County Fair, coming to the Alameda County Fairgrounds on June 18 through July 6, right here in Pleasanton, Calif., home of The Rose Hotel. It promises to be great fun for local residents and hotel guests alike. As always, this year’s fair has something for everybody. There will be … (click on the headline to continue reading)