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Rental and car-sharing services are on a roll for travelers

September 07, 2015

With dramatic changes in technology and lifestyles, it will come as no surprise to many of you that changes have now come to the rental car business. Just as Uber and Lyft have forced the taxi business to rethink the quality of its vehicles and customer service, new rental options are doing the same to traditional car rental agencies such as Avis, Enterprise and Hertz. Consider a rental service name Silvercar that offers just one kind of vehicle, an Audi A4 that one might want to make a strong first impression, and simply enjoy the experience of driving a high-performance driving machine. A reservation can be made by smartphone and the Audi picked up before midnight at the airport, without the intercession of an attendant. Simple, clean, frictionless. Niche rental and car-sharing services such as … (click on the headline to continue reading)

Some guided tours to add to your next visit to our hotel

August 24, 2015

Just a couple of blocks from the front door of The Rose Hotel is the local cultural treasure that is the Museum on Main. This organization and facility is dedicated to linking the past to the future by preserving, clarifying and disseminating information about history specific to the Tri-Valley region. It also encourages participation in the arts and humanities through its public programs. As part of that mission, the Museum on Main offers guided adult walking tours we recommend to our guests. They are close by, inexpensive, informative, and they can be exhilarating, such as the Ghost Tour we have written about in this space before. In addition to the Ghost Tour (also known as Haunted Pleasanton), the Museum on Main offers a variety of guided public one- to two-hour walking tours on various subjects. Here is a list a list of current tours … (click on the headline to continue reading)

9 mega-trends changing the travel and hospitality business

August 17, 2015

Like all industries, travel and hospitality are going through enormous changes, driven largely by more advanced technologies and consumer capabilities. Skift, a travel industry intelligence magazine based in New York, recently researched and compiled the most powerful trends in travel and hospitality and published them in a special report titled “Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015.” Many of these forces we think are relevant to The Rose Hotel and our guests, and for that reason we share with you this synopsis of some of Skift magazine’s findings … ( click on the headline to continue reading)

Top 25 landmarks for travelers, and the Bay Area connection

July 18, 2015

One of the chief destinations for leisure and adventure travelers are the world’s great landmarks. This truism is not lost on TripAdvisor, one of the Internet’s premier travel websites, with nearly 40 million unique visitors per month. TripAdvisor recently asked its vast audience to rank the world’s 25 top landmarks. It may come as no surprise that two of the top 25 are right here in the San Francisco Bay area, within easy striking distance of The Rose Hotel. Ranked number eight is the decommissioned island prison of Alcatraz, former holding place for America’s most dangerous and notorious criminals, including Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly and Mickey Cohen. Ranked number 10 is the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, one of the great engineering feats of its time, and one of the most photographed structures of any kind in the world. If you have never gone on an Alcatraz tour or traversed the Golden Gate Bridge on foot, bicycle or automobile… ( click on the headline to continue reading)

Center for Hospitality Research study finds travelers want more mobile options

July 09, 2015

There are few industries that have seen a bigger impact from the internet and mobile devices and services than the travel business. Travel used to be a people-intensive undertaking, with globetrotters dealing directly with travel agents, airline and rental car reservation specialists — not to mention personnel at hotel front desks or reservation centers. Now, some of the most of the most elaborate sojourns can be planned entirely via the web and without human interaction. Automated comparison travel shopping has proliferated. Travelers like this new self-serve frontier of business and vacation travel planning — so much so that they want even more mobile options for their smartphones, tablets and laptops. That is the conclusion of a new study published by (… click on the headline to continue reading)