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Hotel guest profile: Artist Sally Painter

October 12, 2011

The Rose Hotel hosts many talented and esteemed guests, and one of the most notable is the critically acclaimed artist Sally Painter. We couldn’t be more honored to have Sally and her husband Robert as regular guests at the hotel. So with this week’s blog posting we, in turn, honor Sally Painter with a brief profile about her work, and make special note of her upcoming exhibition at New York’s highly-regarded Agora Gallery.

John Madden’s observations on new NFL season

August 23, 2011

The pigskin is back in play as NFL teams gear-up for another hard-hitting season. As always, NFL coaching and broadcasting legend John Madden, a frequent Rose Hotel visitor, is making many informed observations. Here is a compilation of some of Madden’s recent thoughts on subjects ranging from an NFL stadium in Los Angeles and Randy Moss’s proposed retirement, to the new inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Fast and Furious rolling through downtown Pleasanton

August 03, 2011

The fleet of foot and wheel will be padding and pedaling their way through downtown Pleasanton this Sunday, Aug. 7, as competing cyclists and runners race through the streets surrounding The Rose Hotel. This first-time event is called the Fast & Furious Pleasanton, and it will bring together the worlds of cycling and running in one place, while at the same time highlighting the downtown experience of Pleasanton, Calif. Here are the details…

John Madden tackles the NFL lockout – and its aftermath

July 27, 2011

Yes, the NFL lockout is finally over, but that doesn’t mean the league and its players won’t suffer from the fallout of their actions. Frequent Rose Hotel visitor and football coaching legend John Madden made that clear during a recent newspaper interview. Madden is concerned the lockout will result in a competitive imbalance during the upcoming season. Here’s why…