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The heart of a successful business relationship

June 10, 2011

In our role as a business hotel we have continuing relationships with many local companies. One of the most exciting of those clients is Thoratec Corp., a maker of heart pumps for people whose hearts are too weak to function on their own. The company also got a name recognition boost when it was widely reported that no less a public figure than former Vice President Dick Cheney had a Thoratec HeartMate II implanted in his chest after suffering his sixth heart attack. A top company executive laid his life down on 9/11 and became one of that fateful day’s most talked about heroes. Learn more about this exceptional client company…

When your belongings check in without checking out

June 01, 2011

It’s one of the dreads of travelers; that sinking feeling one gets when realizing something of value has been left in the hotel room. By then it’s often too late because you’re already on the plane or in another city. Hotel room leave-behinds made headlines not long ago when a police officer left two guns after checking out. The Rose Hotel is no exception on this front. Travelers are often in a hurry and that can make them absentminded. Just how do we handle lost items to reunite them with guests? Here’s some real-life examples of our standard procedure…

3 special offerings for the return of wedding season

May 20, 2011

We know romance at The Rose Hotel. That’s why – with wedding season upon us again – the hotel takes pride in three special offerings that provide exceptional treatment for bride and groom on their landmark day. They include our Executive King Suites, our Bridal Pre-wedding Package for wedding preparation, and our Romance Package for the post-ceremony celebration. Let us share with you what makes these offerings special…

An ironclad business relationship with IronPlanet

May 11, 2011

The Rose Hotel has many valued business relationships with client companies based in the Tri-Valley. Some of these companies have many visiting customers, employees, vendors, partners, investors, and even their own remotely located C-level executives. One such client company is backed by two of the nation’s most famous venture capital firms and has made a successful business of holding online auctions where people and companies around the world bid on used construction and agricultural equipment. And the company is growing fast. That company is…

Here’s what Chiquita, NFL football and golf have in common

April 20, 2011

Chiquita Bananas, Fresh Express, golf, local charities, and NFL Hall of Fame football players such as Jerry Rice and Anthony Munoz were all on the minds of Rose Hotel staff members in recent days. They came together for fun, competition and a good cause. Here’s the scoop…