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Why people love to travel

October 18, 2012

Talk to most people about the greatest moments of their lives and travel to a special place is certain to be high on the list. Who doesn’t relish and talk about their honeymoon many years later? Ditto for the vacations we enjoyed as children. Travel is one of the first things on which many people choose to spend their disposable income. We’re exuberant while heading to our vacation destination, and often wistful when our vacation comes to an end. No doubt about it, humanity writ large loves to travel. But what is it about travel that’s so compelling? Let us count the ways…

A word about online hotel ‘deals’ and ‘resort fees’

October 09, 2012

There are two important new trends that are getting travelers frustrated. One has to do with using online travel sites to find “deals” on hotels, airline tickets, rental cars, cruises and other travel products and services. The other has to do with so-called resort fees that unsuspecting guests are charged during check-in. We’ll take these issues one by one. But first we want to emphasize that we have long urged our guests and prospects to book their Rose Hotel room directly on this website or by calling our front desk to get the best price available, and to ensure the best customer experience. Secondly, we do NOT, and never have, charged a “resort fee” or any other kind of hidden fee. We don’t do business that way. However, some hotels and resorts do, as reported by…

Top complaints among hotel guests, and what we’ve done about them

October 03, 2012

J.D. Power and Associates measures customer satisfaction on just about anything you can think of, and the hotel business is no exception. The firm’s 2011 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study did exactly that for the 15th consecutive year. Among the many things J.D. Power researched were the things hotel guests complained about most. You might not be surprised by the No. 1 complaint. Click on the above headline to find out more…

The staff member who lettered in customer service

September 20, 2012

Regular readers of this space have probably noticed that we are not bashful about sharing the compliments we receive from our guests. There are reasons for this. Yes, there is the obvious one – to persuade the business and leisure travelers (as well as local residents looking for a luxurious getaway) to become our guests. But there are other reasons that are just as important to us. We are also communicating to our internal audience, our own personnel. By doing this we are reinforcing to our people…

72-hour getaway at The Rose Hotel

September 13, 2012

For most of us, three-day weekends are rare so we want to make them special. Fortunately, that’s easy to do when visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and its endless array of world-class activities. And our hotel is well-positioned to take advantage of it all. So with this blog post – and the occasional future post – we offer you an itinerary for your next three-day stay at The Rose Hotel…