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A ghost walk that will make our hotel your favorite haunt

October 16, 2013

Everybody needs a haunt on Halloween, and The Rose Hotel has a trick and a treat for those looking to celebrate the holiday. The treat is a special Halloween hospitality package that includes a Deluxe King room, favors, champagne and a $50 dinner certificate at a local upscale restaurant. The trick is a two-hour ghost walk, organized by the nearby Museum on Main (just three blocks from the hotel), where revelers can encounter the ghosts of Pleasanton, California’s past. Then there is the special Ghost Cocktail at the hotel lobby bar. Find out more by clicking on the headline.

A financial breather for America’s wounded warriors

October 04, 2013

One of the most remarkable things about the modern U.S. military is that soldiers that suffer devastating injuries in battle die at a far lower rate than in previous eras. The military’s ability to successfully treat traumatic injuries is really that good. The downside is that far too many soldiers return to our shores with horrible physical and psychological injuries that can haunt them for a lifetime. That is where the Wounded Warrior Project comes into play. It’s an organization that is committed, in its own words, “to fostering the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.” The Rose Hotel, and several other local organizations, are joining forces to help the Wounded Warriors Project achieve that goal locally. Here is how…

New app is a snap for Rose Hotel guests

September 23, 2013

There are an estimated 1,800,000 apps that have been written for mobile devices. Make that 1,800,001 with the launch of a new Rose Hotel app designed to save our guests time while making reservations or searching for our phone number or directions to the property. The app can be downloaded free of charge to an iPhone or iPad via the Apple App Store, and to Android devices through Google Play. Search for app under the title Rose Hotel, Pleasanton, CA. A future iteration of the app will…

Hey, bartender! Somebody just bought me a drink!

September 10, 2013

Some things are universal and timeless, like the need to socialize with our fellow human beings. And adult beverages have long served as the social lubricant that helps facilitate and exhilarate the experience. As some have said, everybody needs a good doctor, a good banker, and a good bartender. Enter Esaul Navarro-Escoto and The Rose Hotel. The former is a bartender of good standing and mixology skills. The latter is the purveyor of newly issued Bar Gift Certificates. Looking for a perk or gift for a friend, business associate or special out-of-town guest? Consider this…

The next Silicon Valley outside our front door

August 22, 2013

One of the great sources of pride for any metropolitan area is to be a world leader in a coveted industry. Hollywood lays claim to being the epicenter of the motion picture industry. Milan, Italy is fashion central. Think technology and the indisputable jewel in the digital crown is Silicon Valley. Being a hotel that gets the lion’s share of its guests from business travelers, The Rose Hotel takes great pride in being located just a 20-mile drive down Interstate 680 from the vaunted Silicon Valley. You cannot do much better than that. Yet, we might. A recent meeting of the Fifth Annual Innovation Forum — jointed produced by Innovation Tri-Valley and the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce — dealt with this question: “Is the Tri-Valley the next Silicon Valley?” Being that our hotel sits in the heart of the Tri-Valley, we were gratified by the answer to this question, which was…